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My First Novel Free read on Kindle Unlimited 
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Post My First Novel Free read on Kindle Unlimited
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'Lovers Rock: Let The Music Play' is my first novel which is a Jamaican musical love story. Here is a review:

Reviewer: Glenville Ashby, PhD

A Soulful Novel

Author Hartley Hines takes a sanguine look at affairs of the heart. With sheer craft he uses the power of music to reflect our innermost sentiments. Throughout we are served with the titles of songs that capture the thoughts and feelings of those in love. songs of joy, pain, angst, wistfulness and ecstasy are internalised and channelled by Hines’ characters. For example, when Dennis, a heartthrob of a singer falls for Sonia, a designer, their desires are immortalised in music. Hines writes, “One of his most heartfelt poems extolled his admiration for her from the very first time he had blessed his eyes on her, when he pictured her to be his bride. He must have been listening to a song called “I Admire You” (Roland &. Carolyn) because those sentiments are conveyed in the lyrics.”

Lovers Rock is a soulful novel, really, a rhythmic dance of personalities. While Dennis wears his affection on his sleeve, Sonia fiercely shields her independence. But sometimes this can be risky; and riskier still is her tangential attitude toward Dennis when he first laid bare his emotions.

Hines explains, “Sonia did not mean to start turning her back on Dennis, the one person she had ever loved, but in her head there were unresolved issues of jealously which she had to deal with. She was sure it could all be sorted in time, but there were also many distractions in her new life in England…”

With Sonia leaving Jamaica to pursue studies in England their relationship buckles under the weight of separation. Meanwhile, Dennis’ career as a musician soars, even capturing the attention of a revered legend. Young women are bowled over by his vocal range and physical appeal, making Sonia’s nonchalance that more perplexing.

But providence steps in. When Sonia’s gran passes she reunites with Dennis for the funerary occasion. They also attend an engagement party during her sojourn. It is time to share memories and rekindle family ties. There is nostalgia and the love of country. Dennis poses the intriguing subject of permanently returning to Jamaica. While others opt for careers over nationhood, Dennis’ responds that ‘no matter where he goes or what he does, he knows he will always be coming home to his island.’

But the magnetic draw of the island proves overwhelmingly compelling. And so is the power of love. Sonia decides to stay with Dennis in their native land but she must first return to England to tie loose ends. Other family members follow suit.
Ever present is a tale of a silver bangle, a family heirloom given to Sonia by her deceased gran, but there’s little information on the whereabouts of its accompanying piece.

Remarkably it shows up in an African antique shop and later discovered by Sonia during a romantic stroll with Dennis along a London street. The history behind the bangle rivals the most legendary of tales. It is wrapped in African royalty, the transatlantic slave trade, slavery, and forbidden love. Now in their possession, the bangles are more than a testament of love. It seals their love till the end of time.
Lovers Rock is written with an unmistakable joie de vivre. In a world on tenterhooks, Hines work proves a fitting antidote. In this warm narrative, hearts flutter with amorous expectations, old flames rekindle, and hopes are dashed only to be revived. Love is portrayed on a clean slate unsullied by lustful overreach.

As if riding on the soaring vocals and gravitas of the leading character we are nostalgic and not surprisingly quite smitten.
Feedback: or follow him on Twitter@glenvilleashby

Go to Amazon here right now to read the complete book on Kindle Unlimited:

I look forward to reading your own honest reviews which I always use to assist me to improve in my writing and storytelling skills.

Wed Sep 16, 2020 7:40 pm
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