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Promoting My Book: Thoughts Become YOU 
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 Promoting My Book: Thoughts Become YOU
Hello! My name is Mack Buckley-Bey (formerly Mack Buckley), and I am promoting my book titled Thoughts Become YOU. It is available in paperback ($5.50) and kindle ($0.99) formats on


Thoughts Become You ... 7DbRXMAX11


About Thoughts Become YOU.

I was inspired to write Thoughts Become YOU from my experiences and ultimately turning my life around. I grew up in a crime and drug infested neighborhood. I come from a broken home and was raised primarily by my mother with my younger sister. At a young age, I witnessed many harsh realities that a child should have not had to. As I grew older, these experiences led me to partake in the "street life" which led me down many darl roads, and eventually in trouble with the law and to prison. These experiences led me to search for ways to change my life. So I began to read as many self help books that I could to begin changing my mindest in hopes of living a better life.

In 2012, after putting the lessons I had read about into practice, I decided to share these lessons with the world. Thoughts Become YOU was born. I took all the experience and knowledge that I had used to change my life and combined it into a short read that anyone could follow and grasp. After reading books such as The Secret, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Thinking For A Change, and many others... I realized that a lot of the concepts in these books weren't easy to grasp by the average person. I also didn't want to write a book so long that no one could get through it. So I decided to simplify the lessons and make them so relatable that even a child could read Thoughts Become YOU and get something from it immediately.

The book is 106 pages in BOLD PRINT. I made it easy to read for those who may be vision impaired, and short enough that you could read it within a few hours or a day. I have some people claim to have read it in 20 minutes! I wrote Thoughts Become YOU with the intention that everyone in the world would be able to read it and apply some if not all of the lessons and principles contained within its covers. I truly just wanted to help people gain a new perspective on life. I made the price point as low as possible so that everyone would be able to purchase the book and invest in themselves without having to spend a pretty penny to have access to the life changing information the gurus charged an arm and a leg for.

Thoughts Become YOU received a 5 STAR rating from TOP 500 Vine Reviewer Cyrus Webb, the host of ConversationsLIVE!

It is my sincerest hope that you give Thoughts Become YOU a read. I would appreciate any and all feedback. Please leave a HONEST review on if you purchase the Thoughts Become YOU.

I would like to thank you for your time, and I hope that Thoughts Become YOU brings you clarity and focus as the details within did for me. Have a great day!

* There are some typos that I did not catch in proof. Please do your best to overlook those.

Peace, Love, and Light.


Visit my website

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