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New Independent Author. YA Fantasy. 
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Post New Independent Author. YA Fantasy.
Hi! I am a first-time author with a self-published book available on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited. I would love to do a review exchange with another author. In general I am just looking for feedback and introducing my novel.

Image ... 07Q6TMH3H/


sock gnome
/säk nōm/
a small, magical creature that is responsible for the disappearance of socks


It is a simple truth that Sock Gnomes exist. Though few would dare to challenge that fact, one simple truth remains.
Most have never seen these elusive and mysterious creatures for themselves. You see, the Sock Gnome wields a
strange power, and remains hidden in a world long-forgotten. For young Thomas, this power and this world awaited discovery.
As Thomas slept in his bed, a strange air began to fill the room. The lights flickered, showing the clutter expected of a boy his age.
Toys, papers, and laundry scattered about the place, almost nothing of significance.
There was but one item of particular peculiarity. Not the science project, that was of little importance. No, this was an item of vast
and unyielding power.
The item in question was a single sock, hand-knit, the last remaining of a unique pair. Once an object of great disdain, this Sock
now held value beyond measure. It drew both Thomas and the creatures of the Otherworld together.


The story revolves around a young boy, who finds himself stuck in the Otherworld, trying to find his way back home. It follows the classic hero's journey and draws from traditional mythology. The primary fantasy race in the story is sock gnomes, hence the title.

The book is geared towards YA fantasy fans. Magic, peril, adventure, a monster or two, and plenty of action. No foul language or heavy romantic themes. There is violence, and the book is geared towards the 11+ age group.
The story has a strong focus on the young at heart audience.
It is a full-length novel, 330 print pages.

I enjoyed writing it and would be thrilled to find a reader or two.

Common questions I have been asked.
Q: How long did you spend writing this book?
A: Though written over a short time, I have spent about 3 months heavily focused on the book, the original manuscript was done in about 90 hours (around 85,000 words); revision, and re-writes and edits accounted for far, far more time.
Q: Sock-Gnomes? Really?
A: I have always loved the concept of gnomes, their generally helpful nature and the lack of significant 'culture,' allowing me to develop them without too much outside influence. Plus, Socks, argyle socks, quirky socks and fun socks in general, so... Why not?
Q: What group did you write this book for?
A: I wrote this book for myself, It is as much a story I wanted to read as it is a story I wanted to tell.
Q: Will you be doing any free releases?
A: Yes! I would like to establish a presence on a few sites and in the next couple of weeks have a free digital copy promotion.

Sat Apr 13, 2019 6:04 am
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