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Pretend - First Book in the Pretend Trilogy 
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 Pretend - First Book in the Pretend Trilogy
Hi there,

I am writing a mature psychological thriller at the moment dealing with the idea of mental illness and fictional characters who embrace their untreated illnesses and live their lives on crazy adventures.

The link to this novel is here: :)
I will regularly post new chapters as I write them, so far there are only the 2 but more are being written and I look forward to bringing this particular character to life.

For now, please read the below 2 chapters and I would love some feedback. Thanks heaps x


Chapter 1:

The men in the room cheered her on as she danced exotically on a single stage surrounded by a club full of thirsty testosterone. Brittany grinned as she grabbed the pole at centre-stage, swinging upwards before dropping low into a full horizontal split.
A sound rung from above and water slowly showered over her, she moaned grinding against the stage and flipping onto her back as litres slowly drizzled onto her small white body, her blonde hair soaked as she flipped it around wetting the men of the audience.
Brittany grabbed the pole and stood up posing as she flipped her hair and danced around. Cash and notes begun flying in her direction, men passing money to men at the front to throw to the voluptuous beauty taking control of the room.
Cash rained over the stage and into containers around it. She laughed and shook her ass some more before tearing off the bottom section of her clothing, then swinging higher she tore off the top half of her clothing before sliding back down and hiding her body with her arms and legs against the pole.
Brittany knew it was near time to end the show, so with one final swoop she set her hair free into the air and revealed her full body and closed her eyes to hear the final applause of the hungry dirty men enjoying their show.
After shaking her hips and sucking her fingers, collecting the final bits of cash she walked down from the stage and into her dressing room past the hurdes of males to await her cash to be delivered.

Brittany walked to the bathroom, grabbing for a towel and walking into the shower. She smiled in triumph as the warm water washed down on her as she massaged soap through her long blonde curls, before soaping further the rest of her body. When she had dried off she walked up to the mirror above the vanity, drying off the mist from the water’s steam to rid it of it’s cloudiness. In the mirror smirked a Brunette, a 24 Year old Latina, Reba. The owner of this body. Brittany cringed as she felt herself flip to see Reba looking back at her from within the Bathroom.

Reba heard a knock at the door and she covered her body with a white bathrobe before answering it. At the door is the usual man with black clothing and shades to deliver the strippers cash, he held bundles in his hand which he handed to Reba, she kissed him on the cheek and closed the door. Reba lay down her couch, throwing her head back and counted the bundles which contained the figured held within each.

“$1,000. $1,500. $2,400…. $3,200. $3,600. $4,500!” She jumped up and danced around with delight “Babe!” Reba screamed looking into a mirror and seeing her boyfriend Terrence within it “I just made us 4 Thousand, Five hundred FUCKING dollars in an hour bitch!”.
He cheered back at her clapping his hands, he put them out and felt himself swap places. Reba stood inside the mirror as Terrence counted the cash himself roaring with happiness. He placed all the cash to his nose and sniffed it hard. “That’s $10,000 saved so far now babe. And you’ve only been working this gig a month!”.
Reba was so happy inside, she swapped back into her body and put the cash into her purse before looking back into the mirror once more. This time there stood an african-american female with long black braids and glasses. “Ready to make me more cash Eleanor?” She asked the mirror. Eleanor giggled before jumping out of the mirror, placing her hands on Reba’s temples and taking over.
In the mirror stood both Reba and Eleanor, side by side, now both controlling a vessel. The two walked out of the club, coated in fur and big shades to hide their appearances as they continued on back to their own apartment 2 blocks away.

To the outside world Reba’s apartment would be described as an average student flat, but to Reba it was a luxury penthouse. She had a king bed with a walk in closet, which was really a normal wardrobe and a single bed in a small little room. She had a massive spa within her bathroom that had an overhead shower installed, this was a simple bath with a shower hose and head above that surged on low pressure. Her lounge was an open span of entertainment with a 72” Screen LCD Television with a glass coffee table and a couch that wrapped around the space. This was a small lounge with one couch and a 32” Plasma Screen Television. And finally her luxury kitchen, which really had no oven, only a cooktop, fridge and microwave to cook her “High End Asian food” which was noodles.

Eleanor lay on the bed and turned on their laptop. She logged into their account on the city’s local Escorting website AllDressedUp and clicked into their Inbox. 5 Unread Messages.
The first man was offering $400 for a simple blowjob and cuddled company for half an hour. Eleanor messaged him knowing a simple half an hour stop off never hurt nobody.
The second offered $1,200 for a high-end date to stay overnight with a wealthy man seeking full services. He definitely received a reply.
The third was an 18 Year old boy wanting to lose his virginity for $100. His message was instantly deleted.
The fourth offered $800 for 2 hours of service and the fifth $700 for a date and an hour of service.
Within an hour all 4 arrangements were prepared, to bring in $3,100 and hopefully generous tips to her delight.
Eleanor stood up and looked into the mirror before heading off to her first job for $400. Brittany and Terrence swapped places with Eleanor before walking out the door.

Chapter 2:

Terrence got in the Car and started it up looking at Brittany to his left and through the rear-view mirror at sweet Eleanor who winked at him seductively. God I wanna smash her in one night, though Reba would kill me.
He looked over to his right at Reba smiling back at him as he drove, stroking his thigh seductively, he loved these moments with her. Taking Brittany to do her jobs while the two watched. She made the two of them a lot of money and they were both very grateful to her, even though she was the biggest bitch in this body.

Besides Katherine, actually no. Katherine is the biggest cunt there is, she is so pretentious. She dresses up in flowery pretty girl outfits and prances around people, so kind. So generous. That is until she gets you alone and slits your throat while smiling at you, she leaves no fingerprints nor trace, its a game shes has played on three occasions to test if she would get us arrested on the third strike! Luckily Eleanor is a smart bitch as was able to cover our tracks and they seemed like random murders with no connection, we usually give Katherine a good gang bashing after she's done with her antics.

Terrence finally got to the house of the first man, looking in the rear-view mirror he smiled before taking in a deep breath with his eyes closing. As he let out the breath, he opened his eyes. Brittany’s eyes were now in the mirror, she smiled before opening the car door and walking towards the house.

The man was tall and quite chubby, European with brown hair and brown eyes. He greeted her with a glass of wine which she politely accepted. The house was rather small, above it was another place and judging by no staircase inside that was clearly somebody else's house. So this was more an apartment, but not a very amazing one, he mustn’t be very rich, well at least he can afford $400 we suppose.

Brittany and the man reached his room which was again, not very big so she at least hoped what he was endowed with made up for such a small place. She had him lay down on the bed as she smiled down at him placing her wine glass on his bedside table after taking a final sip, licking the tip of the glass as the wine poured down her throat. She then straddled the man as she lowered herself to kiss him.

The two kissed softly for afew minutes, he was okay at that, but Brittany quickly grew tiresome of such soft affection and lowered herself down to the hem of his shorts. She pulled them down with the underwear to find herself not disappointed at all, she grinned up at him as she took him into her mouth. She was an expert and was able to finish him within a few minutes using words like “Yes daddy, you are so big” that always gets them off. After which she went back up and cuddled him for another 10 minutes or so, taking the obnoxious displays of affection. The 30 minutes had not even ended before she was out the door with the cash in her pocket kissing whoever goodbye.

She sighed when she got into the Driver’s seat of her car and changed into Terrence. He grabbed the cash and placed it into their wallet, looking through the rear-view mirror he winked at Brittany who was wiping the corners of her lips “good bitch!” he said before driving to the next man snacking on a bag of potato chips as he drove.

The second man was okay as well, he was the offer of $800 for 2 hours. This man was african-american, very well endowed again and fucked like a bull. This visit was really only an hour before he granted her early leave as he cummed twice within the hour. With the money acquired, Reba then went to the nearest clothing store to her first date for $700 and an hour of service. She purchased a red and black dress that reached to her fingertips and a pair of red heels that gave of a lusty vibe before heading to the first date.

Terrence parked the car in a secured car park space and Brittany got her makeup on and ready for the date. When she arrived at the restaurant she was greeted by a short, ginger haired man who was very well-mannered, Terrence said he was a total faggot in our head, so Brittany walked to the bathroom. Once there she looked in the mirror and burst out laughing to herself, this man was a total soft knob, has brought her to a Thai restaurant and is just a total dweeb. She looked at the mirror but Eleanor looked back at her. “I actually chose this particular date for myself, sorry I didn’t say sooner” She said to Brittany who was now stuck in the mirror. Eleanor exited the bathroom and greeted Roger once again, she even knew his name, Brittany didn’t. The two ate Thai food and discussed many topics from Star Wars to Harry Potter, Shakespeare and Astronomy. Eleanor took genuine interest in this man and really enjoyed her time in full control. Reba felt very happy for Eleanor in this moment, she looked hot and was having the time of her life.

The pair reached his apartment, this time it was an amazing house full of geeky movie memorabilia but very tidy. She enjoyed having sex with him to, she made love to the man rather than Brittany’s pounding sex sessions and ensured it lasted the full hour. She even stayed a little longer to cuddle with him and discuss their plans for the week.

“I run my own Business from home so this is pretty much me” He said smiling down at her “Yourself?” he asked.
“Well I volunteer at the local library” she explained “I enjoy reading and being around all the literature, tapping into history and a range of topics within the nonfiction section” She rambled on about what she does in the library where she volunteers. What he didn’t know is this was now just Reba, and Reba was explaining the one time she went to a library, the time Eleanor was manifested.

Reba was 5 years old, her mother Victoria rarely took her anywhere but this one day they went to the library to visit. Reba was never a huge fan of reading but this particular visit was unforgettable. Entering the library Reba roamed the kids section alone while her mother went to get coffee with a friend of hers as the library has its own cafe. Reba explored all the childrens books she could from the picture books to the novels that made no sense to her mind that could not yet read. As she explored there she met another 5 year old girl, she was african-american and wore glasses with long black braids. She however was a very intelligent child, and showed little Reba to the books which were easier to read and would teach her to read the bigger books quicker. Reba had so much fun with Eleanor, learning to read a picture book all by herself and finding 5 easy books to take home to learn.

However, when Reba got home from her meeting with Eleanor she ran to her room and found a pair of glasses that held no lenses. She ran to the mirror and smiled “Hi, I’m Eleanor”. She ran downstairs to her mother, book in her hand and exclaimed that she was now Eleanor and she read all the time and was very smart now. She sat her mother down and read to her a picture book from the beginning to the end which was a surprise. Victoria had never taught Reba how to read, people would call Victoria a bum mother to be honest, but she did the best she could to help the pair of them survive. Reba’s father Richard (the cockhead as Victoria liked to joke) had separated from Reba’s mother in her early childhood which caused much distress in Reba’s early development.

“What a good girl” She exclaimed laughing happily with Reba “How did you learn this?”.
“Eleanor, I met Eleanor today” Reba answered joyfully “She taught me how to read an easy book, now I can read any book, cause now… I AM ELEANOR!” She cheered clapping her hands.
Victoria was taken back by this statement and found it rather strange, she should have paid more attention to it. After this day Reba would find books at the school library and after getting home, would go to her room, place on her glasses and become Eleanor.

Most children have imaginary friends but this was more complex, this was a child becoming her imaginary friend. Speaking to her in the mirror when she read, imagining herself as african-american with long braids in the mirror calling herself Eleanor. The years went by and this turned out to not be a phase, from this strange encounter of strong imagination Reba would grow to become Eleanor outside the house.

She persuaded her mother to buy glasses with fake lenses in which she would wear on her head and place them over her eyes to become Eleanor whenever she wished. She went to school as Eleanor for the her schooling years until high school, nobody would call her it throughout that time as she requested so she allowed herself to be called Reba at school through the years. Upgrading her glasses each year she grew.

When Reba turned 13 and went to high school for her first year, was when she met Brittany. Brittany Nelson, who shared the surname with Reba Nelson. She was blonde and bitchy but always looked out for her friends. She made Reba feel strong in her high school years. The two were like real sisters throughout the time.

They had two other friends named Katherine and Vanessa. Katherine was also a bitch and liked to harass any younger girls that walked in their way though she wore flowery and pink pretty girl clothes since her family was Christian and she was unable to wear the clothes that Brittany wore which consisted of mini skirts and designer tops, heels and flashy purses.

Vanessa was the kind-hearted one of the group and always trying to stop their bitchy and bullying antics to no success, but she still enjoyed their company so stayed friends with the group throughout high school. Eleanor became the person Reba became at home by herself. But this group of friends eventually found out about her, as a group would, and it did not end well.

Eleanor’s time eventually ended and she was driven back to her secured car park to her vehicle, she kissed him goodbye and sat back down yawning loudly. She looked into the rear-view mirror and Brittany looked back laughing at her “You fucking dork, do you think you’ll see him again? Do ya? Well you won’t be so I hope you enjoyed your time while it lasted bitch cause it’s the most of that you’ll ever get” she smirked before sitting back in her seat readying for the next date. Eleanor cried and smashed on the vehicle horn, Reba patted her shoulder as she wailed.
“Don’t listen to Brittany, she’s just a cunt cause her daddy fucked her” Reba smirked to Eleanor as the two laughed wiping her tears. This was true for Brittany Nelson, the poor soul. In high school after their friendship ended eventually, she had heard news that Brittany came forth with evidence of sexual manipulation from her own father.

Through the years following Brittany Nelson had gone on to become a stripper and a professional prostitute as Reba discovered while keeping tabs on these friends. Hence how Reba decided to follow the path of the sex industry, to be like her friend, to be more like Brittany, to be Brittany.

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