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Quotes that demand to be mentioned

#136: Feb. - Mar. 2015 (Non-Fiction)


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Hello All,

Hope you're enjoying "Demon Haunted World" as much as I am.

This weekend, I saw the movie "Signs", which was strange as I had just finished reading Sagan's chapter on crop circles and aliens. I did enjoy the movie, but there were times I had problems with it. I was surprised that the filmmaker actually addressed the hoaxes in southern England, while at the same time pursuing his own angle with such skill.

I don't want to give anything away for those that haven't seen the film, but I will say this: Gibson plays an ex-preacher, who has lost his faith due to a terrible event in his recent past. Effective as this plot thread was in the context of the film, I was disappointed that this film pursued such an overused conceit. I've seen so much of this in Hollywood: loss of faith due to a tragedy or bad event, which is inevitably treated as a bad thing.

Has anyone seen a movie which is unabashedly and unapologetically Atheist? Has anyone seen a film in which a character loses his faith or belief in mysticism, which is depicted as a positive... instead of a negative...change?

Why is this trend so prevalent? Why is loss of faith or lack of faith in popular culture always equated with loss of "hope", "imagination" or "the will to go on"?
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Re: Quotes that demand to be mentioned

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