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Do you EAT while you READ?

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Getting Comfortable
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Having just returned a book to the library which revealed that the last borrower was fond of Cheetos and chocolate I'm wondering do you EAT when you READ? I will have a cup of tea and maybe a biscuit/cookie but never have stained a page with my messy fingers. :lol:

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NEVER! I couldn't take the risk of staining a book. Apart from that aspect though, eating takes all my attention.
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Eating and Reading are the two things I love ( Not in that order ). But somehow they never gel well for me. But I have found myself with a mug of coffee or green tea while reading. :)
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rchapman1tewantin wrote:NEVER! I couldn't take the risk of staining a book. Apart from that aspect though, eating takes all my attention.
Oh I agree!! Besides, I often re-read some of my books, so I prefer keeping them in perfect condition. I do hate it when I come across greasy marks on second hand books.
Atop the Piled Books
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Oh dear, food stains on a library book is just nasty. Even with my own books, grease can invite mold growth. I keep magazines in the dining area. That way if I'm alone I can read and even if I spill something the magazines go in the recycle bin eventually anyway.
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I can't eat and read. Well, I could, but getting the pages stained/greasy ruins the book.
A cup of coffee or hot chocolate is about as far as I'll go.
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I do sometimes, but I usually read in bed or in the bathtub so usually do not eat at those times.
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So many e-books my reader is overweight!
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I don't usually eat and read, but I have been on my own at a restaurant before and found that it kind of takes away from the lonely feeling of not having someone to converse with while eating.
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No, because I hate food stains on books :x But I eat snacks or drink green tea while I read ebooks on my laptop...
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Movie Nerd
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I sometimes have a book with me when I go out to eat with my parents, usually when we're out on the road and such. Usually I eat a sandwich that's not too messy, or stuff that requires a fork, so I have ways of getting around the mess issue. Plus I am obsessed with washing my hands.
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So many e-books my reader is overweight!
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Nope but I do like a cup of coffee afterwards or before I do any kind of reading. I guess with my eating disorder reading has acutally helped me stay away from the fridge call me a B**** but it works for me.Even tho I do binge eat sometimes (but that's not the main point) I get annoyed when I eat a lot so I try to have something before or/and a coffee afterwards


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Thread Flintstone
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I own most of the books I’ve read or am reading and yes some have chocolate fingerprints , there’s also barbecue fingerprints, generally anything that can be eaten by hands has found its way to the corner of the book page. :lol:

Can I ask? Is there anyone who can claim whether a teardrop has stained a page?. I know a few of mine have.
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While I try my hardest never to read a library book while I eat (it’s much safer to read one of my own books just in case something untoward happens to the book during the meal...lol), I am indeed guilty of reading and eating at the same time. I’ve never been able to break myself of the habit.
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Internet Sage
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I can't remember when I ate while reading but apparently I did. While revisiting a title, I found crumbs of an aging cookie in the fold of its pages.
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Mr. P
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I don't in general but it's not a rule. I just can't focus when eating. And I don't like getting my books dirty with food waste. But I'll chomp some finger foods at times.
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