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Bounty OF Her Heart Excerpt- Jessica Anderson 
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Post Bounty OF Her Heart Excerpt- Jessica Anderson
Celestia just finished packing her stuff to go on the voyage with her grandfather, then heard a knock at the front door. She opened and looked the man up and down, she had never met him before but he was gorgeous.
His hair was a light brown color but his eyes were a dark mystifying blue. He smiled, a very charming smile then. “Does Aaron live here I was told I could find him here?” He asked in a sultry voice that made goose bumps form all over her body.
“He’s actually on the ship right now I can take you there.” She answered smiling but not realizing that she was.
He was almost left speechless at the sight of the beauty that stood in front of him. She had dark hair that seemed to just flow, even though it was put up. Her eyes were amber colored and her lips were full and luscious, like a rose fresh in bloom, both in color and in beauty.
I hope she isn’t one of the wenches that the pirates always go after. He thought to himself. “Yes I need to see him it’s important.” He answered realizing that he had been staring at her since she opened the door.
Celestia grabbed her bag and swords, then carried them out to the rowboat that was waiting for her. The man had paused when he saw her swords but continued following her.
She rowed the rowboat to the ship and climbed up the rope ladder. The man was right behind her. She hugged Ayden as he walked up. “Grandfather have you seen Aaron, this man has been looking for him?” She asked.
“Gabriel?” Aaron questioned dropping everything that was in his hands at the time.
“Stop calling me that, it’s Gabe.” He said sounding angry.
“What are you doing here, and where is your mother?” Aaron asked as he approached him.
“She died, her new husband beat her to death.” He answered, he didn’t want to talk to his father more than he had to.
“I guess that explains why you are here.” Aaron returned the sorrow written on his face. “I’m sorry Lad.”
“What am I supposed to do?” He asked.
“I don’t know, you can stay at my place, but I’m getting ready to go back out to sea right now.” Aaron answered as he started to walk away from him.
“Of course, my own father wants to just leave, should have expected that since you weren’t in my life for over twenty years.” Gabe said as he started to walk towards the edge of the ship.
“You were the one who told me you wanted nothing to do with me, what am I supposed to do?” Aaron yelled.
“Aaron let’s wait for another day or so.” Ayden returned. “That way you have time to think about what you two are going to do.”
“I’ll have to clean up the spare bedroom a bit.” Aaron answered as he started toward the barracks.
“I guess I will take him back, mother was making lunch if he’s hungry.” Celestia said as she started climbing down the rope ladder.
She got in the rowboat and rowed them back to shore as soon as he was seated. She smiled at him as she got out of the rowboat.
“I’m Sorry your mother died. So you are Aaron’s son?” She questioned trying to break the awkward silence.
“If you can call it that I guess.” He answered, sparks seeming to fly out with every word he spoke.
“I am Celestia.” She said trying to change the subject.
“I’m Gabe.” He answered. “Why are you going a board a pirate’s ship, you’re not a wench are you?”
She looked at him insulted then walked faster towards the house balling her fists, checking her clothing to make sure she didn’t look like a whore.
Gabe tried to shrug it off but he knew that was out of line. “Wait!” He yelled as he started to run after her. “I’m sorry that was rude.”
“Yes it was very mean.” She returned as she turned to face him but crossed her arms over her chest. “Why does it concern you anyways?”
“I’ve never seen a woman with a pirate unless they were a wench.” He answered looking at the ground and kicking some dirt with the tip of his boot.
“Well I’m not, The Captain of that ship is my grandfather.” She answered. “My mother used to run the ship by herself.” She bragged as she opened the door to her house reluctant on inviting him in.
“I really am sorry.” He repeated.
“You better be.” She returned finally opening the door all the way for him.
He smiled at her, loving how confident she was. She was beautiful but the way she carried herself just added to her beauty. He might just have to stick around a little longer than he was planning on.
“Celestia!” Cassie yelled as she came into the room. “I thought you were leaving.”
“No mother, Grandfather post-poned for a few days.” She answered.
“Go get dressed for lunch, who is this young man?” She asked smiling kindly.
“He’s Aaron’s son.” Celestia answered as she started to head out the back door to her house.
“Celestia!” Austin yelled.
“What Father?” She asked.
“That wasn’t a very good introduction.” He returned.
She walked back into the room stubbornly. “Gabe this is my mother Cassie and my father Austin, Mother, father, this is Gabe.”
“Thank you, sweet heart.” Austin said as he looked at the man who couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off of his daughter. “Do you need a place to sleep, I know Aaron’s house is a little messy right now.”
Gabe smiled. “I suppose I can stay a day or so. Thank you.” He answered.
“I can show you to our extra room, since Celestia moved out we have one again.” Austin said.

Sat Dec 21, 2013 12:35 pm
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