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APRIL: The Lake

#124: Oct. - Dec. 2013 (Non-Fiction)
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APRIL: The Lake

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The Consolations of the Forest: Alone in a Cabin on the Siberian Taiga
Sylvain Tesson

APRIL: The Lake
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Re: APRIL: The Lake

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I’ve read almost to the end of April and can’t get a handle on this author. It is an interesting idea, and while one that I will never try, see it as a worthy challenge to any healthy nature lover.
I will find my old copy of Leaves of Grass to reread, glad that Mr. Tesson gave me a reminder of its grace. I also laughed when one of the reasons he started this was due to too much mail - I also hate the post.
However, it sounds to me as though Mr. Tesson doesn’t like nature “outside the window, the wind keeps up its nonsense” or “it doesn’t bother me that creatures more noble.... than I roam freely in the open forest” (how nice for them, if only they could know of his largesse) and “how can people adore abstract fancies more than the beauty of snow crystals” For this last statement, I suggest that Mr. Tesson read one of my favorite writers, Neil Gaiman, as an introduction to the wonders of abstract fancies.

While I am glad that he was able to try finding monastic calm when obliged to, I love meditation and with a full life I do practice several times a week. Meditation is doable and as most things, depends upon the strength of will of the practitioner.

I am still sticking with the book and will be back after May!
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