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how to success your love 100% 
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Post how to success your love 100%
In each part of the globe people want loving and long lasting relationships. In 21st generation young men and women think that sexual enjoy is the key point to success a relationship but that's wrong. Now-a-days in the world 80% of the crimes occur by the people to fulfill the sexual desire. Poverty, violent crime, delinquency, promiscuity, alcohol and drug abuse, mental illness, and suicide are all happened for the sex and the breakdown of the marriage bond.

I am neither a social scientist nor a professional doctor, but I am fully aware that most of what I have written is contrary to current trend people. But I do feel the urgent need to share these to make a life of love, pure, honest, and committed. My hope is that all of us - all men and women of our time- might start to consider God's purpose for life, relationship and sex after complete study of this book and will get a new direction to successful their love relationship till end of life.

Sadly, most of the people aim of the life is "Born - Earn - entertain - expiration", so at the young age too many people today have simply given up their purity, which can lead them in a best way in future. They are accepting one rule is life is very short so enjoy every moments as own wish. When they live with disappointments, and when their relationships fall apart, they explain false reasons for their failures. They fail to see what tremendous gift purity is for which now the life is going in this situation because they don't want to point out or analyze their own mistake. It is more important than ever for all of us to consider the direction of our lives and ask ourselves what steps we are using to make our relation 100% success, by which our next generation will follow us to make them successful.

This book does not tells you a story about any one, I simply describe a guide simple English because i want this should understandable by all age people by which they can make their relation 100% successful with pure and honest. Now a days love marriages increasing in our society but love marriage successful percentage is very low because the divorce case happening more in love marriage then arranged marriage. So this book is also a guide for newly married couple either love or arranged marriage to make their couple relation happy and safety in whole life.

Love is the source of life; it is the way of creating a new life. It is the main reason of human being exist in the world, all are doing work only for love not to full hungriness of stomach. Love is the reason behind every successful people. Only for love, one can do something good for another. Love likes to give always. Parental love is the greatest love in the world.

If you get your true love by which you can live happily till end of life, which helps you to success your social life and create your next generation good. What would you feel? True Love is a heavenly feeling, which all wants to feel in their life. It turns people bad to good magically. Love is not a sin, is a blessing. True love makes a handicapped person as great artist by its strong power.

Parents are the creator of you from whom you learn love. I am neither telling you to ask your parent nor taking permission from them at the time of love start. I am telling to keep attention of the parents' choice, dream for you, and their belief toward society at the time of selecting life partner because they had better know from us what love is. Without their accept or bless we can't live happily because parent is the living god for every child. If you get acceptance from your parents then no one can separate you in the world.

Choosing a right life partner is not same as choosing a girl friend or boyfriend because now a days guys think keeping a girl friend or boyfriend is an enjoy to spare time. One of my friend's girl friend is a hostel manager in a girls hostel. One day my friend asked her that how many girls are staying there and how many have boyfriend, she said that 389 girls have boyfriend out of 400 girls total also some girls have more than one boyfriend. Now think how many out of 389 will marry to their boyfriend after study completion or when their family will arrange marriage for them. You know that most of them are only spending time with their boyfriend for some reasons like shopping need, sexual need etc. now you tell will they be right partner of his future husband? Also boys are more dangerous than girls because 99% boys want to fulfill sexual desire from their girlfriend by motivating or any other way so will they be right partner of their future wife?

Right partner makes your life U-turn means very bad to very good which all people want to see in their life even a successful people want to be more successful by right life partner and it's 100% true that a right life partner can change successful percentage which is unbelievable.

All we know that there is a woman behind every successful man and vice-versa, its true but I also believe that if someone want and try to be successful by self then it can be 100% possible. Let that topic we will discuss about this in another book because here we are discussing about choosing right life partner so life partner is not for month or years, its for your whole life even next generation depends upon that.

You are not choosing life partner to enjoy young age, selecting partner to marry and to get license that she or he is your life partner till end of your life. So that you can share understanding, feelings and can care each other to live with happiness. By choosing right partner, you will be more successful and children will be good human being for whom you and nation will feel proud. So to find the right life partner have to check below features in your future partner before taking final decision. These are describing detail in the book, this is just overview of that.

Personal character and values: This is one of the most important characteristic to check in future life partner. Now a days you can see how much divorce happening in famous people like celebrities, players' marriage life because they are not self-good character so they are looking status, look, physical in their life partner instead of good character person for this reason their marriage life not stable and they don't know the meaning of love and happiness.

Flexibility and willingness: This characteristic helps to create great relationship when something do not match with another so one or both have to flexible to accept each other in some qualities because someone's all the qualities are not good quality and someone can't accept all the qualities of another.

Love or sexual attraction is not enough: You should totally forget about this before checking important characteristics because now most guys motivating by this even taking decision against parents. This is needed but not so much priorities like other features to make strong and better relationship.

Know your deal breakers: You know which things of a person are responsible for breaking relationship of yours. You have to check those things in your future life partner so that your relation will not going to break in future after marriage.

Attitude towards life: Attitude effects life so much like a positive attitude person can make their married life longer and happier then negative attitude person because positive attitude always encourage whereas negative discourages.

Positive attitude people make life better by balancing work, leisure and family.

Honesty and truthfulness: Honest is the very powerful to win someone's heart. I experienced it in many times not in love case but in job time and student time. If you do a great mistake and explain it by accepting your mistake with honest and truthfulness then anyone can forgive you.

Consult with relatives and friends: In young age may be your mind is not so much mature in all areas so before taking final decision in any matter should consult with relatives and friend because I am sure after taking some advice you will be more clear about your final decision.

Don't get trapped in rumors: World is not so much simple as you think, here various types of people are living and their motive is different than another so don't take final decision which is bad for your relation by listening negative rumors about your partner because may be someone spread wrong rumors for any bad intention. So Please clarify before taking final decision.

Don't compare your need with others: Comparison of needs is not good at all because all are different than other and all possess different position, different earning according their work ability so you have to check what you developed and what steps needed to next step. So you will feel proud for yourself instead of comparing others. Another thing do you know what difficulties others passed and passing in their life for this position so always be happy in your position and way of living.

Spiritual aspect: If you want your partner thinking regarding God, Religion, Caste, life, aim, children etc. should same with you then for this you should check and discuss with your partner. Because different faith people face problem after their marriage so it is good to check before.

Physical aspect: In my point of view a sound health people is best whose weight is perfect according height and age. Good body or good-looking people don't need to make your relation success or to live happily, another thing most of the people with good looking or physical are not good in reality.

Support and respect each other: This one is necessary, not to feel any one that his or her partner not helping in any matter or work. One partner never feel weak because another partner always aside her or him. So you should always ready to support in mentally and physically when your partner need your help. Don't under estimate in any way but respect each other.

Nobody is perfect: Did you see any one in the world who is 100% perfect? It's answer is NO, yes no one is 100% perfect so at the time of choosing your life partner you have to compromise some things otherwise you have to stay single. Another thing, Are you 100% perfect to find a 100% perfect partner?

Take your time: Take as long as time to analyze the characteristics of your life partner to take final decision because this is not quick task so go ahead slowly.

Trust your judgment: You have to choose your life partner for your life not others so this is your personal decision, with whom you want to spend your whole life so trust your own judgment.

After analyze all the characteristics now you have to propose your future life partner to marry you otherwise how can he or she will know your mind or thinking about you. So don't delay to propose otherwise any other can do same and after so many time spending you can't get your ideal life partner. At the time of propose keep some points attention which I mentioned in the book to be success.

Don't try to keep physical relationship with your partner until you married him or her. This one is the most important point for both because now days many guys doing such things even after friendship but it is totally wrong. This will affect your marriage relation and also next generation later. To stay happy and safety avoid physical relationship. This will make strong and very charming relationship after marriage. After all you also feel proud due to saving your most precious things which should give your partner after marriage. I mentioned all the pros and cons of it in details in this book. I hope you will keep in mind this at the time of your love relationship and feel proud.

Only love is not sufficient in life to survive in the world, other things also needed like money, social honor etc. So you have to make a good career by which you can earn money to fulfill your family needs also can earn a good position in our society for which you, your family and nation will feel proud for you.

After all marriage is not the last step to stay happy with your partner whole life. Have to keep attention about some points after marriage to make your marriage relation strong and long lasting like Constant Communication, Spend time together, Respect your partner, Accept what you have, Enjoy what you do, Think Positive, Don't keep extra marital affairs, Fix your Goal, Don't do sex by force, Don't expect your partner to change, Don't Compare, Commitment for life, Take care of your health, Shared Beliefs, Honesty is essential, Don't blame others, accept your mistakes, Have something to look forward to, Stay close to friends and family, Problem-Management Skills, Don't argue or count past mistakes, Have Fun Together, Help each other in some works, Share Spiritual Moment, Smile and help each other, Forgive.

I m B. C. Ray, this is my first book. you can contact me on -

Also you can order my book her - ... 172&sr=1-1

ISBN no - 978-8182533875

This book is not about love story, it is about how to love some one so that you can success 100% and your love will stay till end of life without any divorce, conflict etc.

Also this book money will go to social welfare so i hope you guys help in that. Thanks

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