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Order your copy of "Deep Economy" here...

#36: April - June 2007 (Non-Fiction)
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Re: Order your copy of "Deep Economy" here...

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Sarah and RoseYou both bring up a good point. I think I need to move the "Additional Literature Discussions" forum up top into the Current Book Discussions category AND rename it so that it involves both fiction and non-fiction book discussions. I'll also throw in "Short Stories" for those with an interest in smaller discussions.Here is what I've just done...1. Renamed the forum from "Additional Literature Discussions" to "Additional Book Discussions" Literature is associated with fiction and we want this forum to be ok for non-fiction and short stories too.2. Moved the forum up to the Current Book Discussions section. It actually should have been up there anyway. The Discussion Forums section located right below the Current Book Discussions is really designed for topic-based discussions, not book-based discussions. 3. Edited the forum description to make it clear that the forum is designed for fiction, non-fiction and short story discussions, not simply "Additional Literature Discussions."This is the new forum description:Quote:All book discussions other than our official discussions belong here. Fiction, non-fiction and short stories are welcome! Check if a thread already exists for the book or story you wish to discuss, and if not create one using the title and author as the subject line.Does this work for you guys?Sarah, if you wish to discuss any book that is not one of our official group readings just look in the Additional Book Discussions forum to see if someone has already created a thread to discuss the book. If you find a thread with that book title and author please use the existing thread. If you don't find one just create a new thread and use this format:Book Title by Book AuthorExample:The Nurture Assumption by Judith Rich HarrisTo create a new thread or "topic" simply enter the correct forum and click on the "New Topic" link. The rest is a matter of filling in the blanks. You pick a "Subject" title (containg the book title and author), maybe use a Posticon, and then type your post.Once done with your post I always suggest you copy the post to your clipboard and then click the "Add Post" button. The reason I suggest you copy the post to your clipboard is because sometimes you will lose your post in Internet limbo. You'll be very frustrated if you took a lot of time composing a post and then it vanishes. So always copy your posts BEFORE posting them. If it vanishes you can just paste it back right from your clipboard.Have fun!
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