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Leviticus: An inquisitive examination of the mind of God

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Doc Tiessen


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Chris,Quote:So why do I mix God and religion? That's like asking why I mix Santa with Christmas.I am glad that you mentioned this example, becase I think it helps a lot to clarify my point about God and Religion. I can imagine that for you Santa and Christmas cannot be separated. In your experiences, Santa and Christmas are intimately linked. I do separate betwen Santa and Christmas. Christmas is about the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a religious tradition that dates back to the middle ages. Santa Claus on the other hand, is a much recent invention. The fat man with a white beard dressed in red living in the north pole is an invention of the American culture. In fact, you wont believe me at first, but Santa is a product of the Coca Cola company. Have you ever wondered about the red color? Read about the history of Santa and you will find references to Coca Cola. Like Ripleys, believe it or not. In other words, Santa is an invention of Capitalism in order to motivate the masses to buy a lot of presents during the final weeks of the year. Santa is a good marketing tool. It is part of the pop culture of america. I can imagine that the american people that do not know much about other countries think that Santa and Christmas are the same.But you can celebrate Christmas without Santa. In fact, the spanish people are catholic and they celebrate Christmas but the children do not get presents from Santa, but from the 3 Kings on the 6 of January. In fact, many people in the world do not like Santa because it to much of american. You might wonder how foreign people can possibly not like Santa in the same way that you may ask why people outside america do not like Mac Donalds, Coca Cola or Georg Bush.On the other hand, there are people that do not believe in Jesus Christ, and still they celebrate Santa Claus. For example, The Chineese and the Japaneese do not care about the birth of Jesus, but they have adopted Santa very rapidly. Can you imagine why? Just think of the commercial value of Santa Claus. Can you be the owner of a company that makes consumer products and be against Santa Claus? You will need to be out of your mind if you would not use Santa Claus to not cash a lot of money from it. It does not matter that Santa is a fantasy. The profit is very real. Diversity is Good!
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