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July 2002 - Economic vs. Social health: it

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July 2002 - Economic vs. Social health: it

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This thread is for discussing Massimo Pigliucci's Rationally Speaking article entitled Economic vs. Social health: it's not the economy, stupid!Quote:N. 26, July 2002Economic vs. Social health: it's not the economy, stupid!Money can't buy you happiness. Apparently, everybody knows this except Americans, who keep thinking that economic prosperity automatically brings all sorts of goodies, from democracy in the former Eastern Block to satisfaction with one's own life here at home. Well, the data are in, and the conclusion is that money really cannot buy us happiness.Perhaps the most astounding indication of this is a simple but powerful graph published by the Fordham Institute for Innovation in Social Policy: it shows a steady increase of the US Gross Domestic Product from 1959 to the late '90s. No question about it, America has obviously gotten richer. However, equally impressive
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