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I had a dream I want to share

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I had a dream I want to share

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Well, it is only a fragment of the dream that I remember. I think it stems from the conversations I have been having here. I discussed this with tarav and decided to post it here. She had a good take, a flip side of mine that hopefully she will share. Feel free to comment and add your thoughts.Here is the description:I was walking through this empty, victorian style house. Real old, like horror flick. There was this dead guy following me and he had his 'spirit' following him. The spirit moved very slowly, kinda like the trailing images you see when a bright light silhouettes an image on your eyes...you know like when you move your line of sight and see the staggered image...anyway...it would take a while for the spirit to catch up to the body. When I would talk to the body, he would not answer until his 'spirit' caught up with his body, for he could not talk unless the two were by each other. I do not recall what we spoke about.I have related this to my discussions with Dissident, and the spiritual folk in general, taking it to mean that without the spirit, reality is mute. Now I did not take this as a relvelation or anything transforming as regards to being 'born again', but it is an interesting take on where my mind has been lately because of the discussions I have had. I think those discussions are important and appreciate the opportunity to have them. We can communicate, we just may not agree. And that is ok.I was so taken by the imagery of this dream that I wrote a poem about it. I am not totally satisfied with the end line, so I my change it in the future...but these are the words that came to me.Empty house of empty roomsAlone an upward stairFootsteps echo double gloomsI feel the burning stareSilent face mouths silent wordsTil the shadow meets us thereWisdom gained by joined absurdsI knew it always theirMr. P. The one thing of which I am positive is that there is much of which to be negative - Mr. P.I came to get down, I came to get down. So get out ya seat and jump around - House of Pain
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