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Re: Radical Humility

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Interbane: I speak of the humility of one person, and you go on to say how humility can impact all of society in an over-dramatized fashion. Sure, if a great many people suddenly become humble, society may feel the effectsActually, what I said was that Humility is not simply an individual acting alone in the world, but is a network of relationships providing instruction, encouragement and support. Here is how I made the very reasonable connection between individuals in relationship through various networks of communties changing "the world":Quote:Humility, will challenge any social and interpersonal system it enters into: from the simplest exchange between strangers, to the schoolyard, the workplace, the community gathering, boardroom, etc...and this is the radicality I am describing. I agree that we don't know how this will impact society as a whole: too many variables in too many directions occuring all at once. But I do think no matter what Humility will ultimately lead to, it is reasonable to accept it will shake things up: confronting the Hubrist and encouraging the Humiliated.Interbane: I asked if it were possible for one person to realize the importance of humility and change himself.And I've offered my perspective. I've tried, imperfectly no doubt, to show that this kind of transformation is not a simple "inside job", but one that requires other folk to assist, encourage and remind. In a sense this is what friends do: they share a mutual respect for each other, reminding each of the reverence they deserve, challening their hubris and protecting them from humiliation. Thus, the need to introduce hubris (actually, you introduced the term hubris) and humilation to the equation.Again, "this went right over your head" implies an obtuseness unable to grasp your point, as does an unnecessarily complex answer that in some cases doesn't even apply implies I can't structure a coherent thought or stay on course. I am quick to make connections across many subjects, finding implications that are distant reverberations from the immediate topic at hand. I recognize this can interfere with some styles of discourse; but I trust you can work to see it as that, and restrain from the quick desire to insult my intelligence.
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