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How would you make this a better world?

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How would you make this a better world?

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Well, how would you?Seemed like this deserved a thread of its own, so here it is. This is continued from "Why did God allow New Orleans to be destroyed?" over in Philosophy.Quote:Ok, then we're in agreement. Yes, we probably don't agree on the exact definition of "better" or on what the best means is either.What do you think is the best way to making this world a better place? Of course you need to define "better" first. Oh my, this is a big question. It could easily use a thread of its own.But for starters, I want to see a world where nobody is under totalitarian or even authoritarian rule. I'd like an end to civilized societies tolerating, condoning and making excuses for, totalitarian ideologies of any stripe. We should squish them all, just like we did the Nazis once we woke up to the threat, which took a while, and keep squishing them whenever they pop up again instead of waiting for them to become an iminent threat. Beyond that, my idea of a better world is one where everyone is free, and I'll define that as free from being forced to do anything they don't want to by the initiation of physical force or the threat of the initiation of physical force. The reason I say the 'initiation of force' is I want to be careful to distinguish it from retaliatory force, which if someone aggresses against others, they should be subject to. That's all pretty basic, but it can get complicated in practice. How to get there? Chiefly by changing minds, one at a time. Beyond that, I want to see a world where everyone has enough to eat, everyone can get as much education as they want, and has the opportunities to achieve their full potential. But mostly I think freedom (as defined above) will take care of all those things in time, and probably not all that much time.As Adam Smith put it:Quote:Little else is requisite to carry a state to the highest degree of opulence from the lowest barbarism but peace, easy taxes, and a tolerable administration of justice: all the rest being brought about by the natural course of things.
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