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How many countries have you visited?

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Re: How many countries have you visited?

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Federika22 When you go to Mexico where do you visit? I've heard horror stories about the crime in Mexico. If you stay in Cancun you are relatively safe, but even drive a minute out of the tourist area and you are in immediate danger. Even the taxi drivers are known to rob their customers so they have to make periodic phone calls at checkpoints to report their location and who is in their vehicle.I'm only repeating what people have told me so I'd love to hear your experiences. I know it might be bad info.
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Re: How many countries have you visited?

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Europe: Spain (Of course :lol: ) United Kingdom (Lived for 3 years) Ireland (Lived for 3 Summers); France; Portugal; Italy; Malta; Austria; Belgium; Holland; :? mmm Missing something...

America: Mexico (Mayan Ribiera); USA (New York and Washington DF) I hope to visit more, I love US

Africa: Morocco

That's it at the moment. :hmm:
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