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Feb. 2003 - Gays, in the military and outside of it

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Re: a long rambling reponse

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This problem is a difficult one to resolve. I would personally be uncomfortable showering naked in front of anyone not of my choosing, because I see it as a violation of my privacy. (One could argue that by enlisting in the military or going to the gym you have agreed to shower with these people). But if homosexuals had separate showers I think that could also be a problem. (Ok, I'm heterosexual but I think this because some people are so damned homophobic) In some situations a person's sexual orientation is best kept to themselves. Whose business is it what your sexual orientation is unless you choose to tell them? I would think that some gay men would be ashamed of getting and erection in the shower with heterosexual or homosexual men because they know that the other men will see and get uncomfortable. The only solution I could see if private showers were instituted. Gay, straight, black, white, tall or short, everyone has a right to serve their country.To add to that---if there were separate showers for gays it's like them sticking a big sticker on their forehead that says "I'M GAY!" and a person's sexual orientation is only one aspect of who they are. A large percentage of people in this country are very shallow and homophobic, and even if they think but don't know for sure if you are gay you will be subject to ridicule beyond belief. I speak from observation and personal experience. Edited by: cinnamon321 at: 4/23/03 5:01:55 pm
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