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FBI is the Biggest Violator of Civil Rights

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FBI is the Biggest Violator of Civil Rights

I sure wish this wasn't true, but I know that this agency has been getting me secretly banned from forums, had my posts shot down, and even gone the step of making my forum accounts disappear without a trace! All of my civils rights are being trampled on at an alarming rate that would make anyone's head spin! Is this just bullying or absolute tyranny? What would you do when you are bullied aggressively and secretly?
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Re: FBI is the Biggest Violator of Civil Rights

Why do you think it's the FBI that is doing this? Forum admins sound like a better explanation. (Occam's razor.)

Last year you thought the FBI was sabotaging your manuscript and perhaps was out to kill you.

Despite that sabotage, I see you have a novel King of the Bullies which also deals with harassment from the FBI.

So I wonder if these things are really happening or if fiction is being intertwined with reality?
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