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False beliefs.

Engage in conversations about worldwide religions, cults, philosophy, atheism, freethought, critical thinking, and skepticism in this forum.
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interesting religions

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Okay, try LDS then. A slightly older 'new' religion that looks as if it has taken hold. It has a couple of founders, a scripture, a docrtine, and a founding myth.None of these are exactly what one would expect serious spirituality to be built upon, but it is quite successful all the same.Islam also is quite transparent in its lack of logic. Christianity and Judaism get in under the wire because of their foundations were laid before good historical record. They are cloaked in the fog of time which moderates their inconsistancies, and borrowings from previous religions, which were every bit as flagrant as those of LDS and Islam, just not as well documented.If Scientology survives long enough it too will gain a patina of respectability, regardless of what the founders did, or didn't do, say, believe, or pay. Saint Cruse will be taken very seriously, just as the religion's science fiction writer founder is today by the faithful.
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Re: comparisons

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Then good for you. I hear the expression only too often, and feel the same way - I think that Voltare wrote "Candide" in response to a similar attitude. We seem, however, to be outnumbered by those who wish to find positive value in every adverse incident.
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