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Does Islam encourage violence more than others?

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GOD defiles Reason

Re: Sacred and normative texts

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Quote:Lanceman: Let's look at Deuteronomy 13:7-11 and see what the lord wants us to do...You're basing your argument on that one particular passage in scripture, but, how often is that particular passage being preached? Quote:Lanceman: One of us has our facts askew my friend but I do not believe it to be me, unless your contention is that the leading academics of our time are wrong and you sir are correct at which point I would be happy to read your books.I think two different people, with two different world views, could probably read the same texts, academic or otherwise, and still walk away with a different interpretation of the "facts."Quote:Lanceman: Have you read the Torah, Quran and Bible. I am guessing no.MadArchiect: My, aren't you presumptuous?That deserves a chuckle.
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