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Collapse and New Orleans

#19: Apr. - June 2005 (Non-Fiction)
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" How societies choose to fail..."

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This is my first posting, so I decided to start with a book from the list that I had read" How societies choose to fail..." (I must say there weren't many I had read, but I'm not discouraged).
This brought me to read interesting postings about New Orleans.

I am a 48 year old teacher. I live in Tours (France) , a city on the river Loire.
When the New Orleans tragedy occurred, I and my students studied it in class, and I have kept reading about now and then.
Yes, the location of NO was badly chosen, but it's also a historical city.
If I understood correctly, the historical , business parts and wealthy parts of the city were not as damaged as the poor areas which vanished. I suppose that if everything had been destroyed, it would have been easier to make a balanced decision as to whether to rebuild or not.
Are there examples in modern history of a government deciding NOT to rebuild a city after a natural catastrophe? I can't think of any.

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Welcome to BookTalk! :)

I hope you also create an Introduction post in the Introduce Yourself forum. These past book discussion forums get far too little activity. :sad: People will eventually see your comments here and will probably respond, but as a new member I would hate for you to judge the community by the lack of response to a post in the Archived Book Discussion area of the site.

Please stick around and tell us about yourself. Create a brand new thread in the Introduce Yourself forum so the majority of active members will see your words. Thanks!
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