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Classical Celt aka Chris O'Connors father

The perfect space for valuable discussions that may not neatly fit within the other forums.
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Re: Edited by my own son

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welcome!Quote:I was hoping to discover people using and showing their rational for decision making. I went to school also and I am more than familiar with the opeions of other fine great minds. I am interested in learning how people use their own thinking process to discover the world.while not quite what you would call an expert, i have been participating in forums and their predicesor on usenet for nearly ten years now. i have noticed that it is quite easy in this medium to fire off a quick highly opinionated response without taking a moment to reflect on one's thoughts and expound on the decision making process in coming to such a conclusion. the best way to combat this unfortunate communication barrier inherent in online communications is asking a follow up question to clearify someone's view points. often a request to clarify and expound will provide the original poster a moment to reflect and sometimes even change their opinion provided contrary evience. ideally, as with in real life communications, through diologue we learn more about the word, ourselves, and other people while also either forming new ideas or obtaining new information to verify our predisposed points of view. cheers!
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Re: Classical Celt aka Chris O'Connors father

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WishWas: In response to your guestion about my political leanings: How do you define "political Leanings?" If you mean am I a registered voter, the answer is yes. Republican! But that does not mean I am leaning their way on all things. I have never liked any political party completely. I will say I am a Capitalist, with a large C. I hate the anti-trust laws of this country. I do not believe the rich should pay a higher percent of their earnings into income-tax than do other people. I am an Objectivist philosohically. Edited by: Classical Celt at: 4/18/06 7:07 pm
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