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China's Global Reach, a new book

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China's Global Reach, a new book

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Have you read this book: china's global reach: markets, multinationals, and globalization by george zhibin gu? I am reading it. It is overpowering, yet simple and straightforward in presentation and argument. The book has vast scope on global politics, economy and business, focusing on factors that will shape future global development, china included. It is the very best book I have read on these topics. Very, very interesting read.the author has several key points.1. A closed society has no future; even for an advanced nation like Japan, being closed is causing backfire. For the developed nations like US and Europe, walking toward a close society as now could backfire. For this, China has plenty of lessons to offer.2. All humans are basically the same, but different environments create different behavior. In China, a bureaucratic domination has created endless disasters. But under a globalization, progress is possible.3. Mankind is entering a new era, the era of convergence of global civilizations, what could be the best ways to move ahead for all nations?4. Multinationals now have record-making opportunities. Their activities will impact global life like never before. But there are both opportunities and drawbacks.5. The changing relations between the West and East -- great challenges ahead.and several other fresh insights -- that demands my further study. Better yet, let more intelligent readers do the job -- that is much better for sure!www.trafford.com/05-1822 Edited by: hotsea at: 10/2/05 12:15 pm
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