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Bush turns ports over to al Qaeda?

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GOD defiles Reason

Re: Commerce trumps national security, ay

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Quote:Chris: Everyone lies and exaggerates....Yes. Yes, indeed they do. This should have been a clue. I had to look up the exact quote, but I remember when he said it. And I thought it was just adorable. Either during or right before we invaded Iraq, Rumsfeld was asked if he might be deceiving the press, and he answered paraphrasing Churchill, "In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies." Then he continued with: "I don't recall that I've ever lied to the press. I don't intend to. And it seems to me that there will not be reason for it." Isn't that lovely? ohhh, I thought that was great. I really loved it. So what can we conclude from that? In my judgment, he told that guy "yes, I'm going to be lying to the press -- starting with this one: 'I don't recall that I've ever ... blah blah blah"Sometimes those lies are just to cover one's ass. Sometimes they cost thousands of American lives. Needlessly. And they get away with it. Their propagandists get paid millions of dollars to keep those lies going daily. But what about this ports sale? Do ya'll think this is a wise move? Or do ya'll think we're inviting more trouble? I've already been concerned that a very small percentage of the cargo bins are actually being checked. And I don't think this sale is making things any better.
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