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Book Discussion Leaders

At we're always looking for volunteers to lead our book discussions. This page will explain the prerequisites for being selected as a book discussion leader. You'll also find suggestions for how to be the best book discussion leader possible.

Who can lead a book discussion?

Our book discussion leaders are volunteers that have stepped forward and offered their services. We ask that book discussion leaders be active members with a history of being involved on our forums. As a general rule you'll want to have at least 25 total forum posts before you'll be considered for a book discussion leader position.

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Are book discussion leader positions permanent or just for one book discussion?

Our book discussion leaders volunteer to lead discussions for individual books and not for entire genres or forums. Every book we read is an opportunity for someone new to lead the discussion, but members can lead as many book discussions as they like including multiple at the same time. We're always excited to see someone new take the reins and lead a discussion so step right up and give it a shot.

Book Discussion Leader Tips

• Prepare ahead of time or at least try to read a little faster than most participants.

• Create posts with biographical information about the author.

• Create poll threads to stimulate thought and discussion.

• Ask questions by creating new threads that get people thinking and talking.

• Don't ask closed-ended questions such as "Did you like the book?" Instead, word your question so respondents have to explain themselves. "What did you like most about the book?"

• Respect everyone's opinion. Quite often the most active book discussion participant didn't like the book or the author's general thesis and they say so in the book forum. Negative comments should be welcomed provided they are civil, respectful and constructive.

• Share your favorite passages or quotes and ask people for their favorites.

• Be a good listener and observer. Listen for quiet members and try to draw them into the discussion. Watch for someone anxious to get into the conversation and help them to find a gap in the conversation.

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