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Are you happy?

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Ken Hemingway

Re: Are you happy?

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Mr. P. wrote: I just do not agree. I do not think it is possible to find happiness by acting happy....all acting happy will do is assimilate one into the mold of societal happiness, which to me is a farce. Brainwashing comes to mind.I absolutely agree, Nick. I used to hate those big-smile-Jesus-people who used to hang out at airports. But to me that is very different from:"If we do not exist under oppression or in famine and yet cannot convince ourselves how lucky we are to be alive, perhaps we are not trying hard enough."There's a lot of difference between pretending to be happy, and stepping back from your worries far enough to recognize that you have lost perspective and need to spend more time appreciating the good things in your life. Don't you think?
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