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Are you a person of convictions?

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Re: Nietzsche on Convictions

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Lol Chris.I wrote my previous post in haste, so I'd like to clarify my position. Regardless of individual bias, there is an absolute truth to every opinion or circumstance or so called fact. This absolute truth is independent of human knowledge, it is the way the universe truly is. We humans try our best to determine what is true and what is not, but there is no way to know for certain. When I hear opinions or learn new things, I see those things as having a probability of truth. I place these this infomation on a spectrum in my head ranging from 'most definitely true' to 'most definitely false.' Pardon my assumption, but I believe that by definition, a conviction is something that you fully believe in. Therefore, everything at the 'most definitely true' end of the spectrum is a conviction in my book.My above post was criticizing those people who take new information, and for whatever reason(they want to believe it, they fear it's true, etc.) they place it at the 'most definitely true' end of the spectrum without realizing how large of a probability there is that this information is false. I assume that those are the types of convictions that Neitzsche claims as dangerous.For future reference(in case I turn out to be a long term poster here,) I place the existence of god near the middle of the spectrum, since there is absolutely no concrete evidence either way whether he exists or not. However, I do not believe that he exists. I believe in the Bible even less, but that is another thread I believe.
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