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A Cliff Notes-level Analysis of neoconservatism

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A Cliff Notes-level Analysis of neoconservatism

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A Cliff Notes-level Analysis of neoconservatism

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I read Worse than Watergate this weekend by John W. Dean. He basically paints a picture where Nixon's activities that caused him to be impeached pale in comparison to the activities of this current Administration. This administration's obsession with secrecy has reached never before seen levels.

But, what I wanted to show is this analysis of neoconservatism that he printed in his book. The analysis comes from a floor speech by Republican Ron Paul of Texas. Bush has shown no signs of removing his group of neoconservatives so supporting Bush in this election means you are supporting these policies.

-They agree with Trotsky's idea of permanent revolution.

-They identify strongly with the writings of Leo Strauss.

-They express no opposition to the welfare state and will expand it to win votes and power.

-They believe in a powerful federal government.

-They believe the ends justify the means in politics - that hardball in politics is a moral necessity.

-They believe lying is necessary for the state to survive.

-They believe certain facts should be known only by the political elite, and with held from the general public.

-They believe in preemptive war and the naked use of military force to achieve any desired ends.

-They openly endorse the idea of an American empire, and hence unapologetically call for imperialism.

-They are very willing to use force to impose American ideals.

-They scoff at the Founding Fathers' belief in neutrality in foreign affairs.

-They believe 9/11 resulted from a lack of foreign entanglements, not too many.

-They are willing to redraw the map of the Middle East by force, while unconditionally supporting Israel and the Likud Party.

-They view civil liberties with suspicion, as unnecessary restrictions on the federal government.

-They despise libertarians, and dismiss any arguments based on constitutional grounds.

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