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5 Point Framework Repost

#19: Apr. - June 2005 (Non-Fiction)
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5 Point Framework Repost

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...and here is the other:Diamonds Five Point Framework:Environmental DamageClimate ChangeHostile NeighborsFriendly NeighborsThe Society's Response to Environmental Damage (or any other problems)Of these, Diamond states that the first four are not always a factor to the society, the last always is. Always. Strong assertion. Lets see what he has to offer to back this up.Environmental Damage:&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Imprudence on behalf of the societyFragility of Environment (forests, soil, population of game/abundance of food sources)Climate Change:&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Ice Ages Overly dry/wet fluctuationsOutput of the sun's heatVolcanic eruption(present)Man made causes more prevalentHostile Neighbors&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Conflict & Aggression&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Ecological or other collapse masquerades as military defeat (Example of Romeand the Barbarians)Friendly Neighbors&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Decreased support from&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Defeat of by an aggressor&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Collapse ofThe Society's Response to Environmental (or other) Damage&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Response depends on political, economic, and social institutions and on culturalvalues The one thing of which I am positive is that there is much of which to be negative - Mr. P.The pain in hell has two sides. The kind you can touch with your hand; the kind you can feel in your heart...Scorsese's "Mean Streets"I came to kick ass and chew Bubble Gum...and I am all out of Bubble Gum - They Live, Roddy Piper
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