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What do you believe? 
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Post What do you believe?
This thread is for sharing your personal beliefs about anything and bullet format. Try to be brief and start each of your statements with, "I believe..." And please be gentle in responding to people. Nobody is asking for proof or evidence for these beliefs. This thread is supposed to be fun.


"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them"

Wed Mar 10, 2004 1:24 am
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Post Re: What do you believe?
I believe... Darwin got it right.

I believe... the Big Bang theory is the best fit for what we currently know about the universe, but eventually will crumble to a much more precise or accurate theory.

I believe... in cultural and moral relativism and that there is no such thing as good and evil outside of the minds of conscious animals.

I believe... reality is objective.

I believe... this universe is filled with millions of planets and moons teeming with life forms, many of which are much more evolved and intelligent than our species.

I believe... life probably existed on Mars and this will be discovered in the next few unmanned missions.

I believe... throughout the cosmos, on literally millions of planets, over the course of billions of years, all sorts of life forms, including, but not limited to, advanced civilizations, have emerged, evolved, and then become extinct.

I believe... our planet is in imminent danger of a 6th mass extinction brought about by overpopulation, careless agricultural practices, selfish and greedy exploitation of the land and natural resources, unabated pollution, and the increasing probability of a global nuclear war.

I believe... all claims of UFO's are lies and/or cases of mistaken identity.

I believe... Bigfoot was a hoax.

I believe... churches should be taxed, as are all businesses.

I believe... the Loch Ness Monster was a hoax.

I believe... Indian food is damn scrumptious.

I believe... we did land on the moon and should go back and build a permanent international lunar station.

I believe... there will never be world peace, but we should continually strive to attain it.

I believe... in keeping promises.

I believe... in love.

I believe... the mind follows the body. Don't want to be depressed? Stop moping, sit up straight, and behave as if you aren't depressed...and your depression will lift.

I believe... people that don't love animals have something very wrong with them and cannot be trusted.

I believe... reading is the key to survival and leading a fulfilling life.

I believe... music can change your state of mind...just like the Clint Black song says.

I believe... life is what you make of it.

I believe... life is not fair. Some people are dealt a bad hand and never given much of a chance at succeeding.

I believe... we are all a product of our upbringing, and those people that were deprived of love at an early age have an uphill battle for the rest of their lives.

I believe... in the Golden Rule

I believe... poor people are not necessarily poor by choice or their own actions.

I believe... that atheists tend to be much more educated and articulate than theists.

I believe... that Socrates was right: The unexamined life is not worth living.

I believe... I'm too damn emotional and get too wrapped up in trying to change the world.

I believe... the biggest problem this world faces is lack of compassion and empathy.

I believe... the American Indians were brutally massacred by my ancestors...and I am extremely saddened and embarrassed by this piece of our nations history.

I believe... flying in an open cockpit biplane 500 ft. over the beaches of Florida is the most beautiful and humbling experience I have ever had.

I believe... the role Jody Foster played in the movie, Contact, very closely resembled who I am as a person.

I believe... seeing the simple phrase, "For Carl," at the end of Contact was so touching that it virtually paralyzed me for 5 minutes as I choked back tears of respect, admiration and sadness.

I believe... I don't want to die...ever.


"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them"

Wed Mar 10, 2004 1:41 am
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Post Re: What do you believe?
I believe... Darwin and Mendel combined, got it right 8)

I believe... science is a profound source of spirituality. The complexity of the universe and the genetic interconnectedness we have with every organism (at least on this planet) inspires far more reverence and humility in me than anything we can conjure up within the tiny limits of our imagination.

I believe... there is a good possibility that there are (have been, or will be) other life forms on other planets. I am less convinced that these life forms have evolved sentience (in line with Steven Pinker's "Search for Extraterrestrial Trunks" argument).

I believe... the fact that I am living in an age where we have the technology and knowledge to so rapidly increase our understanding of ourselves and the universe is an extraordinary privilege.

I believe... basic access to healthcare and education (particularly in developed countries) is a fundamental human right.

I believe... that there is cultural and moral relativism, but that it can be right in some extreme circumstances for cultures to impose their moral beliefs on others (when there is systematic oppression etc).

I believe... that most of the money spent on "The War on Terror" (by the US, and its allies, including Australia), could be better spent improving the quality of people's lives in their own respective countries, and abroad.

I believe... the sort of people who have the personality that lead them into politics should be the last people on Earth allowed to become politicians.

I believe... that how the Australian government is treating refugees makes me feel outraged and deeply ashamed. I can't even begin to understand how such a thing is possible in a liberal representative democracy in the 21st century.

I believe... we can make a difference. No matter how insignificant a contribution we think we're making.

I believe... among educated people, intelligence and compassion is independent of religious belief.

I believe... that it is critical to show respect to all people you encounter, regardless of how you feel about their views (unless these views are obviously dangerous).

I believe... we must continually remind ourselves of our priorities, and not put our relationships with other people on hold because we have "too much work".

I believe... making deep connections with people is one of the things most worth living for.

I believe... having a sense of humour about yourself is a key requirement for maintaining sanity.

I believe... in chocolate. Mmmmmm. Chocolate :)

I believe... a number of Chris's other points, but I've plagarised from him more than enough..


Wed Mar 10, 2004 9:43 pm

Post Re: What do you believe?
I believe... in objective reality. There is something "out there" independent of our perception of it. I can't really back myself up on this it a hunch!

I believe... that we can in part experience this world, through our senses, although there may well be parts of it that we have no access to what-so-ever, "parallel universes" to use a popular term.

I believe... that science is the only reasonable method that we can use to learn about this world. Science is the light that penetrates the darkness of our ignorance, whether that light is a tiny candle wick, or a powerful spotlight is up for debate, but one thing is the only light we've got!

I believe... that that means no arguments from revelation...I don't deny the reality of your revelatory experiences...I do deny that they have anything significant to tell us about the reality of the world.

I believe... in evolution by natural selection. This shouldn't even be an issue. It is as much a fact as the fact that the earth orbits the sun. If you are going to be epistemologically pedantic and insist that it's "just a theory", then you are forced down a lane of applying that pedantry to everything. It's just a theory that you are sitting at your computer reading a post on could be a brain in a jar being fooled by a Cartesian demon!

I believe... that the fact that 47% of Americans believe in a genesis style creation is a deeply disturbing and depressing statistic.

I believe... that the world is an incredible place. Full of wonder and breathtaking beauty.

I believe... that an understanding magnifies, not diminishes this beauty.

I believe... that there is no right and wrong...there exists only the human feelings of guilt and pleasure (of having done the 'right' thing). Just as the feeling of hunger evolved to ensure that we ate, and the feeling of pain evolved to ensure we stay out of danger, these feelings evolved to allow human society to develop...but natural selection shows no heed to logic or ease of codification, which is why the philosophy of ethics is such a messy business.

I believe... that mind and body are one. There is no magical homunculus beaming instructions into our brains from beyond...there is only one reality.

I believe... that the human mind is a strange, but wonderful thing.

I believe... that mankind evolved to be hunter gatherers in minute tribes. Our environment has changed beyond all recognition in what geologically speaking is a mere blink of the eye. Human beings simply aren't cut out for "modern life", and I think that that is where a lot of the "@#%$-up-ness" of the world comes from.

I believe... that words like "@#%$-up-ness" illustrate well my complete lack of eloquence! I wish I could write more good.

I believe... that due to the sheer size of the universe it is probably quite likely that there is other life out there, maybe even intelligence. But for that same reason I believe that we will never come in contact with them!

I believe... that mars is, and always was, a desolate lifeless rock. But I may be soon proved wrong on this!

I believe... that "alternative" medicine should be subjected to the same trials as real medicine. When (if? no...when) these various sorts of quackery fail scientifically controlled double blind tests, they should be shut down until further evidence is provided.

I believe... that "astrology hotline" owners should be sued for fraud and then shut down. (after failing to show any statistical significance after enough double-blind know, just to be sure!)

I believe... that the general public's ignorance and lack of interest in science is very disconcerting. Many people seem to even be proud of this ignorance. Imagine over dinner, a discussion of history comes up: "Oh I never really had any interest in history at all. World War II? What was that? Some kind of fight?".

I believe... that I've said enough right now, so I'm going to leave it at that!

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Thu Mar 11, 2004 5:44 pm
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Post Re: What do you believe?
I believe... I'm in love with Chris O'Connor! (just kidding! but I agree with every dang thing he said. ...except I haven't yet seen or read "Contact" [poor me!] and his depression statement is a bit simplistic perhaps?)

I believe... the above statement is a cop out since:

I believe... I've got to get home!

I believe... I'll do better later (hopefully)...

I believe... I'll read everyone else's post in this string tomorrow. (okay, at least, eventually...)

I believe... my marathon post to "Why don't you believe in God?" should absolve me of responsibility for my actions.

'night all! (Especially you Chris! wink wink nudge nudge!) :)

(again... better add: JUST KIDDING!!!! Hope nobody's offended by such things. If you are just tell me... I'm new here!)

Thu Mar 18, 2004 1:07 am
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Post Re: What do you believe?
After reading all the "I believe", we are certainly all preaching to the choir! We are indeed very much alike and in agreement with each other. What is missing is real life fellowship. What a bunch of intelligent and enlightened group we are!

Monty Vonn
Meme Wars!

Sun Mar 28, 2004 12:56 pm

Post Re: What do you believe?
Don't worry about preaching to the choir. I preach to the lost sheep also! :D

If it's not worth doing, it's not worth doing well.

Sun Mar 28, 2004 5:39 pm
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